Rainer Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rainer Publishing?

Rainer Publishing is a book publisher owned by Sam Rainer, Art Rainer, and Jess Rainer.

What is the focus of Rainer Publishing?

We seek to publish books specifically for the health of the local church. Our authors focus on providing clear and concise books that can be grasped by church leaders and laity alike. Many of the books provide practical guidance for the local church, while others deal with biblical and theological issues in a way that can be understood by most church members. We specialize in shorter books that can be used more readily for study groups.

Are books available in both electronic and print form?

Yes. All of our books are available in both electronic and print form.

Why does Rainer Publishing use Amazon Kindle for its platform for eBooks?

Amazon Kindle is the most pervasive e-platform in the world. Our authors will have more opportunity to sell books on this platform than others.

Does that mean that a book purchaser must have a Kindle device to read eBooks published by Rainer Publishing?

No. That is one of the reasons this platform is so exciting. You can download the Kindle app on almost any smartphone or tablet for free. Millions of people read Kindle books on devices other than the Kindle tablet.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us through our Contact page.